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Turning “WORK” into “PLAY”

Understanding the difference developmental patterns and stages of a child will ensure success of that child later on in life. Choosing the right curriculum is one of the most important factors of ensuring that each child has a positive learning experience.

Roots and Wings Learning Center will be implementing the WEE Curriculum. Other suplemental curriculum that will be used are: Zoo-Phonics, Open Court Reading Pre-K and TouchMath Pre-k.

WEE – (Weekday Early Eductaion) It’s activities support development eductaional and Biblical and moral teachings. The WEE Curriculum was written to support and reflect the findings of Human Growth and Development.

Zoo-phonics – Zoo-Phonics makes phonemic awareness easier to learn and remember because it involves the child’s body movements, mouth, eyes and ears. Zoo-phonics makes learning sounds and letters enjoyable because it involves animals incorporated into the alphabet. It uses these animals to teach letters and sounds.

Open Court Reading Pre-K – Open Court Reading is a reading, writing, and language arts curriculum. With an explicit, systematic approach to teaching, learning is exciting and engaging for all students. In addition, instructional routines are taught and modeled, establishing predictable patterns for students so they know what is expected of them and how to perform on their own.

TouchMath Pre-K – TouchMath makes learning math fun and more memorable through kinesthetic, auditory and visual learning. “TouchMath is the leading multi-sensory teaching approach that bridges manipulation memorization”. It was developed to ensure that the child learns essential concepts in math by speeding up math comprehension. TouchMath gives the child a strong foundation in math to be successful during their school age Years.


Learning Curriculum

Skills 1-2 2-3 3-4 4-5
Art Appreciation & Culture
Bible Time
Color Recognition  
Fine Motor Skills
Gross Motor Skills
Language Development
Personal & Social Skills
Problem Solving
Beginning Sounds  
Letter Recognition  
Number Recognition  
Self-Help Skills  
Shape Recognition  
Content Subjects